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High Converting & Responsive Websites in the Modern Business World

High Converting & Responsive Websites in the Modern Business World

Let’s admit it, these days, a basic website is an absolute must as a small business owner. Not using that platform to its full capability should almost be a tax write off due to the missed conversions. With the miracles of modern technology and now, the pandemic pandemonium, brick and mortar is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Today’s consumer has a thirst for convenience. Likened to the thirst of a baby for its mother’s milk. Ok, maybe a bit of a stretch, but you get the point.

As a small business owner, what would you give to have some sort of machine working 24 hours a day, at a cost of pennies on the dollar? I’m not sure if I’m ready for some of the answers, but this is exactly what a well-designed Digital Marketing campaign that is centered around your website would do.

…has a thirst for convenience. Likened to the thirst of a baby for its mother’s milk.

Taking it a bit further, you could even learn to develop and manage your complete business through your website. When it comes to making every dollar count, for a small business owner, designing and running your own website and digital marketing is almost crucial. The problem with that though, most small business owners either can’t afford the time spent on development or lack the knowledge to take on such a task.

I see a lot of business owners being swayed by providers like Wix and Shopify for their business needs, only to find out creating that beautiful website you’ve envisioned, isn’t quite as easy as it appears in television ads. This is the main reason I use WordPress for all my clients. Being open source and so widely available, the possibilities, truly are unlimited.

A small business owner could design their WordPress site to do anything logically possible as it pertains to Customer Relationship Management, and their website. Through the combined use of Page or site Editors, a lot of research and practice

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