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The Surgery Room

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The Surgery Room – Personal Cosmetic Surgery Advisor

The Surgery Room – Personal Cosmetic Surgery Advisor Website

Load Toad Networks - Cosmetic Surgery Advisor Business - Responsive WordPress Website DesignThis website is highly customized and in it’s infancy. Highly customized and full featured, this responsive website design would be considered premium. Powered by Elementor Pro and Envato, the website features a landing page as home to get any disclaimers and warnings out of the way, given some of the website’s content. It is a cosmetic surgery website after all, you can use your imagination. This website has 3 levels of access. For description’s sake, they are Public, Subscribed, and Paid Subscriber. Each level of course has increasing amount of content and information available to the website visitors.

Custom Booking Solution

Load Toad Networks - Cosmetic surgery Advisor Business - Custom Booking - Responsive Website DesignWhen it comes to custom booking solutions, I always turn to Amelia. Like all of the Premium WordPress plugins I used in my designs, the feature to cost ratio is always phenomenal. The website owner, @_ayesapp, offers 3 separate packages to book through the website. Clients can manage their accounts & payments from the front end of the website without the need to create an account with credentials to login to WordPress Dashboard. 

Multiple Booking Views

Depending on the preference of the client, we can present services, products, and events in multiple ways. This particular client also offers Post Operative Care available to book individually in addition to the 3 packages mentioned earlier. There’s really no need to display a block for a singular event. In these cases, we usually just go straight to the calendar view.

Load Toad Networks - Cosmetic Surgey Advisor Service - Custom Booking Calendar - Responsive Website Design


Initially, this website will only consist of an appointment request form. This allows the business owner to immediately start accepting appointments while the complete customized booking solution, powered by Amelia, is developed. This is just one of the many custom forms this website features.

The Worlds Best Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder

If you follow any of my other projects like the Pressure Washing Website or Sports League Website, then you already know how much I love WP Forms. At the moment, this website consists of 4 custom forms, Footer Newsletter Signup, Appointment Request, Resume Collection, and Contact forms. 

These forms are fully customizable. Entries can be limited to date ranges and file types and can be share, passed , or linked to many email and other marketing platforms. 

When the time arises this website will be link to Sendinblue for email marketing and lead management

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You can find a complete list of services we offer on our Services page(if I’ve completed it yet, lol)As always, I welcome all comments, criticisms and critiques. Also please share on social media. I’d greatly appreciate it feel free to checkout Springboard™: by Load Toad Networks™. It’s another site I’m collaborating on. Once its complete, there will be a member area that will offer other designers an area to showcase their work, and resources for business owners to design their own sites.

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